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Sound ID SM100 Ear Module Bluetooth Headset


  • Model: SM100
  • Manufactured by: Sony Ericsson

Product Description ↓

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Designed forversatility, the SM100 offers three modes of use,Mobile Mode, EnvironmentalMode, and One2One Mode.This lightweight and Ergonomic in-ear Headset canwirelessly connect to compatible devices, amplifysurrounding Sound when not being used with a mobile phone for enhanced in-person communications, aswell as link to another SM100 EarModule to form two-way radio connections.

* Personalized Sound: With the SM100, a User can personalize the headset to address his or her specific sound preferences resulting in crisp, clear Audio across mobile communications settings.
* Environmental Mode: When a user is not on a Cell Phone call, the SM100 amplifies the environment to allow both ears to work together and eliminate the occluded effect associated with traditional headsets improving everyday in-person communication
* NoiseNavigation System: Sound IDs Auto Focus for your Ears, determines the loudness frequency, Pitch and tempo of incoming sound so the SM100 can initiate counter measures reducing wind and background noise while improving speech understanding andsound quality